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Domain Age

The short answer to this question is simply "yes." Because of a practice that spammers tend to engage in that basically involves picking up a domain, abusing it for a few days to a few weeks, and then letting the domain lapse, lots of search engines just try to overlook newer domains or they push them to the bottom of their results entirely. What this means is that if you register a new domain, suddenly you find yourself in a position where a search engine can easily mistake your website for spam and for a period of time either ignore your site or push it down beneath your competitors. So, how can you solve this problem? One solution is to purchase an expired domain.

Under the right circumstances, it's possible to buy an expired domain and have the domain transferred to your name; in these instances, the domain will keep it's original registration date and suddenly you find yourself the proud owner of a domain that has had the benefit of aging appropriately. Of course, you'll want to check the domain’s history to see exactly how old it is and make sure it hasn't been used for anything that might get it black listed by search engines.

There's a bit of discussion about just how important a domain's age is. While the spam theory as to why domain age matters is really popular, another popular opinion puts even more weight on the age of a site. The idea is that the longer a page has been around, the more quality content it will have, and therefore it will be more useful to the person conducting the search. While it's difficult to say for sure which of these two theories is true, there does definitely seem to be some sort of positive relation between a domain's age and how it shows up in the rankings. Because of this, it's hard to say just exactly how much a domain's age affects its ranking, but value is still attached to domain's with some age behind them. Whenever you see someone trying to sell their domain, more often than not they will make it a point to emphasize how long the domain has been registered to them. There's a reason for this: it is commonly accepted that the older a domain is, the bigger boost it gets in the rankings. In short, if you have the opportunity, try to purchase a domain that has had the time to age.

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