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Domain Basics

Not understating the value of a memorable domain name can be a critical error, one that can hinder your business, maybe even cripple it. Your domain name may very well be the first impression that your online business makes on a potential client, and if something about the domain name strikes them as odd, you may have lost a potential client. Even worse, if your domain name isn't memorable, then it's entirely possible that a customer that intends to place an order with your website will be unable to find the website and subsequently not be able to place that order. Not only has your website lost a potential sell, if the customer really needs that particular service then they may place an order with one of your competitors. While the domain name may seem like a minor detail, it is, in fact, a crucially important issue. That being said, it becomes rather obvious that one of the most important aspects of any domain name is to make it memorable. But, what exactly makes a domain name memorable? Well, think about what makes a business name memorable, and apply similar concepts. You name needs to be catchy, but succinct. On top of that, the name needs to be fairly easy to spell. While a creative spelling might be witty if it's just going up on a sign, if you're hinging a clients ability to find your online business on their ability to spell a witty domain name that might have been intentionally misspelled, you might be condemning your site to anonymity. The ability for a domain to be easily brought to memory and entered in a web browser is crucial. That being said, if you aren't particularly creative then it might be difficult to find a name that is catchy and yet easily brought to mind. There's almost a countless number of registered domains out there, so even if you have the perfect idea some other individual may be holding the domain. This is where a domain service comes into play. A domain service will allow you to search through the thousands of domains that expire every day to try and find one that meets your criteria that you might be able to buy. In addition to being provided with a list of already extant domains that contain keywords similar to what you're looking for, several of these domains have already been primed for SEO, so you might pay a little bit more for the domain name but you'll probably save a lot of money and time in the long run.

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