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Is It Legal? What You Need To Know

Yo, listen up, I got some questions for ya,

Is referencing fees legal and do they apply to ya?

And what about cloning animals in the United States, is it true?

If you're in Ontario, is subletting contract legal where you do?

Can you film in a store? Is it legal to do?

Want a law degree online, look no further than here, it's true.

Ever heard of NCR? It's a legal term, you gotta know what to do.

Need CIPC company documents? I can tell you where to go, man.

Got a trust in Ontario? Check out this bare trust agreement, it'll help you understand, yo.

Are you into law and society? This journal's what you need, check it out, don't be slow.

Want the 48 laws of power, man? I can explain the first one, don't worry, it ain't so hard.