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Local SEO Strategy for Brick-and-Mortar Locations in Digital Marketing

In the present times, most of the entrepreneurs have their business established in the multiple locations. The brick-and-mortar locations have a specific challenge that the company owners have to face in the digital marketing world. In this case, the local SEO can only be initiated if the company creates a user experience that focuses on the inclusion of the physical landing pages. With this, the users can locate the shop near them and visit it personally. The company developers can develop the location pages that are an extension to the primary domains of a particular brand and this will help the users to find the local locations through SERP.  

Strategies for Managing Multiple Locations

  Most of the companies may take one single domain for helping the user to locate their multiple-location business and some other uses the geo-modified domains for a specific location. The Local SEO strategy that the companies undertake nowadays can drive-in the brand-specific users to the physical location of the company. For best optimization of your multiple-located business, the company owners can follow the two types of strategy as the experts are still looking out for the best approach. The two strategies are:  

Look out for Decentralized Strategy

  Under this strategy, the franchisee of the brand needs to do work on their own that can involve the help from the service providers who can provide digital marketing services to the individual franchisee. In this, the franchise of the company is responsible for the selling of the products and services in the local locations on their own. The companies have to cope up with many domains that are related to the required physical locations and this needs the individual domains, content strategy, web analytics and so on. Even under the decentralized strategy, there are many sources for handling multiple sites’ locations. This reduces the product ranking of the brand, as the signals from Search Engine will be spread in a thin manner.  

Watch out for Centralized Strategy

  If the company is using the Centralized Strategy, the management and franchise taken by various third party sellers have a control over the decision-making process. The aspects of functioning include messaging, brand positioning, direct marketing, etc. With one domain name, the users will not get confused and can easily find out the local location of a particular company through SERP.   Even the local, as well as centralized SEO, is not affected, as the specialists have to use multiple keywords so that the users can find the local location of the company outlet near their hometown. The multi-site CMS helps in changing the bulk content with ease and the business does not have to suffer. The properly located URL’s can help the users to find the company’s brand location near them with the help of creation of the metro pages that will provide a greater geographical update.  


  Lastly, if your company has brick-and-mortar locations then it is best to have local landing page subdirectories that will help the user to find the location of your brand near them. It can be seen that one primary domain name and centralized SEO will prove useful for your business. This will also help in saving your time and money and in return, the audiences will turn into the real time customers.

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