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Rap Legal: Fun Facts and Advice

Hey, y'all, listen up, I got some legal tips for you
From Nova Scotia to Tennessee, I got the info that's true
Want to know about radar detectors, click here to see
Got some free legal forms for you, straight from Tennessee

Wondering about the origin of law, check out this PDF to understand it all
And if you're buying a house, can you pull out before exchange of contracts at all
Legal advice is what you need, so you don't fall

Trulioo safety agreement got you stressed, trying to pass with confidence
Wondering about owning a capybara in Maryland, is it legal, it ain't no nonsense
Service contract UN, the legal implications, you need to make some sense

Oracle PartnerNetwork agreement, understanding the key terms is essential
Want to know the legal length limit for a knife, here's the info, it's not confidential
Legal aid scheme in the UK, get the assistance and support you need

Now you've got the legal rap, the advice and the facts
From Nova Scotia to Tennessee, and all the legal acts
Stay informed, be aware, and now you're good to go
For any legal questions, you know where to flow