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SEO (search engine optimization) is beyond any doubt one of the most useful aspects a website can possess. SEO takes many forms, but the basic idea is to hit all of the points that make a website appealing to a search engine to try and make the site appear higher in the listings of returned results. This, in turn, helps to attract more attention from various internet users and draw more traffic, and hopefully more business, into the website. In short, SEO has the potential to greatly increase the traffic and business a website receives.

seo domains
So why buy a domain that has already been enriched? Well, there are two main reasons. SEO comes in various forms, and some of those forms are kind of unsavory. Things such as hiding keywords in metatags and hiding text at various invisible spots on a website to try and attract search engine attention can lead to your website being blocked by several search engines. If you make your own domain from scratch, you will probably have to hire someone to complete SEO on your website for you; there's every possibility that they might utilize some of these practices that can end up destroying the credibility of your domain. On top of that, SEO can be expensive. Hiring someone to do the SEO for you is an expensive and time consuming process.

If, however, you buy a domain that is already enriched with SEO you have the benefit of being able to check a domain's history to see if it has any negative connotations associated with it. You can see to what extent the domain has been optimized and how. For example, basic SEO such as key word optimization might not have that much of a positive effect on your website, but things such as page rank and directory listings most definitely will. The cost of these is not cheap, and if you can pick up an expired domain that already has these benefits at a cost less than that of what you would pay to have a site optimized, that's money that goes into your business's pocket. Basically, it is possible to get a domain enriched with SEO at a significantly reduced price when compared to temporal and financial costs of starting a domain from scratch and having it optimized. For example, some directory listings charge as much as three hundred dollars for a single listing. Research a domain to find out its real worth can often lead to significant savings.

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