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Which Concept that Matters most in SEO- Relevance or Authority?

SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is the key area that affects the ranking of the website along with the other tech trends. Google has a devised algorithm through which the rankings, and the position of the particular website are evaluated. Nowadays, every company wants to get a higher ranking on the Google search list as the competition in the online market is very tough. Many concepts and variables are present that the SEO specialists have to look forward to determining the rank of their client’s website. Here are two concepts that are discussed widely by the experts and one can look ahead to two of them:  

·         Relevance

·         Authority


Conceptualization of Relevance in SEO

  Relevance is looked out during the page search against a particular query that is being posed by the user. It can be related to the name of some restaurant, car repair shop, café house, etc. that the person is searching near their hometown. In this situation, the relevant keyword search will land the user on your website pages. Here are some of the points that the Google is looking-forward while looking forward to the concept of relevance:  
  • Most of the times it was noticed that the content developers and the SEO specialists use to stuff the important keywords on the top to come on the top of the rankings. However, as the user scrolls the web page, they use to find nothing and the content was not even conveying relevant information.
  • Google introduced the Hummingbird update for knowing about the relevance of the content because the content also carries equal relevance in the present times as the keyword search.
  • The companies need to sort out the relevance through the choice of perfect niche, on-site optimization, content market strategy and much more.

Place of Authority in SEO

  Google uses a 10-point scale to measure the authority of the web page online as it provides an insight into the worthiness of the page or the full website. It is known as page authority or domain authority respectively. Nowadays, Google measures the domain authority, as it does not update the page ranking in the present time. The Moz that is an SEO company situated at Seattle measures the domain authority of the particular website. The domain authority is looked after because in the present times it can only help in telling about the performance of the website. The measurement is also done based on the quality of the inbound links that has become the biggest correlating factor for measuring the authority of the particular website.  


  From the above-mentioned concepts, clearly, the authority and the relevance in SEO go side by side. This is because if there is no significant content or keyword search done by SEO specialists, then the authority cannot be maintained. It can be seen that if the content is being published in a messed up manner and there is no relevant or specific topics provided, then it can bring the ranking down. In this case, the domain authority of a particular website can be there but if there is no relevant matter, then the company cannot attract many users, and its rank will also be affected.

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