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Website Promotion Truth and Myths

Don't get scammed by dubious SEOs

Website owners will do everything just to promote their website and increase its search engine ranking. The benefits of a high search engine ranking (more visitors equal popularity which equals more earning opportunities) are just too great to ignore that they will try just about everything in the hope that it will be the magic formula that will catapult their website to the top of the search engine heap. This desire for good rankings is one of the reasons why search engine optimization companies have begun to sprout on the internet. These companies promise to do all of the dirty work in order to help your website increase its ranking. The aim of these companies is well-intentioned. But the problem is that unscrupulous people have seen that website owners’ desire for good rankings is a wonderful hook to entice them to try dubious SEO companies that are only designed to extort money while doing practically now work for the website. So how do you differentiate legitimate companies from scams? The best way to do it is to look out for the scams/tricks/dubious claims that fly by night companies offer prospective clients. Below are some of their tricks:  

Email Spam

The most common red flag you should look out for are the unsolicited emails you get from SEO companies. If you see a letter sent to you offering SEO services because the said company did not “see” your website in some directories or search engines, ignore it immediately. If you want to get the services of an SEO company do the research and initiate communication with them and not the other way around. Besides, seeing how high a ranking an SEO company has in search engine results only means one thing – they know what they’re doing.  

Guaranteed rankings

There’s nothing bad about giving guarantees. Even legitimate SEOs offer some guarantees to clients as a way of creating goodwill and setting expectations for hiring their services. But guarantees that offer results that you know are too good to be true are something you should be wary about. A great example for this is a guarantee of Number One ranking for the keywords you chose that will happen in record time (usually in two to three weeks).  

Getting thousands of links to your website

During the early days of search engine crawlers, putting your website in link farms or free for all sites was enough to generate the links that you need for a good ranking. But those days are gone. In fact, using these services is a sure way to get penalized. Unfortunately, dubious SEO companies will still use this trick at the risk of your website suffering the consequences of using this questionable practice (and this includes your search engine rankings suffering).  

Listings on thousands of search engines

This is one of the most popular hooks of illegitimate SEO companies. The thought of being listed in “thousands” of search engines sounds very intriguing and enticing indeed. But the truth is that listings in LESSER search engines are not going to improve your rankings, much less your business. Just focus on the big ones like Google, Yahoo, MSN among others, and you’re better off.  


This is another unethical method used by fly by night SEO companies. The trick here is to submit a very optimized text to the various search engines but presenting a totally different page to visitors to your website. This is frowned upon by search engines, and the worst thing that will happen is that your website and IP address will be banned.

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